Jalalabad Gas at a Glance
1. Name of the organization :


2. Date of Incorporation : December 1, 1986
3. Head Office : Gas Bhaban, Mendibag, Sylhet – 3100


4. Background : The enterprise is a Public Company limited by shares registered under Company Act, 1913 on December 01,1986 and it is a subsidiary of Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla).
5. Administrative Ministry/Division :


Ministry of Power Energy & Mineral Resources/

Energy & Mineral Resources Division.



Company Business : The Company carries out transmission and distribution of natural gas within the northeast part of Bangladesh, covering the Sylhet Division consisting of the districts of Sylhet, Moulvibazar, Habigonj and Sunamgonj. Natural gas is purchased from its associated companies viz. Sylhet Gas Fields Ltd., Bangladesh Gas Fields Co. Ltd. and Titas Gas T&D Co. Ltd. and sold to different categories of consumers, Viz, Power, Fertilizer, Industrial, Commercial, Tea Estates, CNG and Domestic.
7. Annual Revenue Earning


: Taka 1904.56 Crore.
8. Annual Pre-tax Profit
: Taka 184.86 Crore


9. System Loss / (Gain)
(2017-2018, up to june,2018)
: 1.20%
10. Contribution To National Exchequer (2017-2018) : Taka 128.42 Crore.
11. Debt-Equity Ratio
: 7.93 (Standard Ratio 70:30)
12. Authorized Capital : Taka 150 Crore.
13. Gas Pipeline Network

(Up to Feb,2018)

: i) Transmission Pipeline – 466.542 km.

ii) Distribution Pipeline – 3,352.071 km.

Total – 3,818.613km.


14. Sources of Gas Purchase i) Sylhet Gas Fields Ltd. (SGFL)

-From Kailashtilla Gas Fields and Horipur Gas Field for distribution of gas to all categories of customers in Sylhet and Sunamgonj districts.

ii) Gas Transmission Co. Ltd (GTCL)

-From North-South pipeline (Fenchugonj) for distribution of gas to different power stations in Fenchugonj

iii) Bangladesh Gas Fields Co. Ltd. (BGFCL)

-From Habigonj Gas Field at Shahjibazar for distribution of gas to all categories of customers in Moulvibazar and Habigonj districts.

iv) Gas Transmission Co. Ltd (GTCL)
-From North-South pipeline (Munshibazar) for distribution of gas to Kulaura, Juri and Baralekha..


Titas Gas T & D Co. Ltd. (TGTDCL)

-From Habigonj-Ashugonj Pipeline (Madhabpur) of Titas Gas for distribution of gas to all categories of customers in Madabpur Upo-Zilla, Habigonj.

15. Daily Gas Sales Volume

( Average)(June, 2018)

: 329.490 MMCFD


  1. Category Wise Gas Connection :

(Up to june 2018)

Sl No Category Nos. Of Connection
1 Power 16
2 Captive Power 111
3 Fertilizer 1
4 CNG 57
5 Industrial 107
6 Tea Estate 95
7 Commercial 1,679
8 Domestic (Burner)* 2,21,602
Total – 2,23,668
* Domestic Meter Nos.- 1228, Domestic NonMeter Nos.- 94049

Total Domestic Connection- 95277 (appox)


  1. Regional Distribution Offices And Distribution Areas :


  1. Regional Distribution Department (R.D.D), Sylhet Metro :
Sylhet Regional Office- Sylhet East Eastern Zone of Sylhet Town.
Sylhet Regional Office- Sylhet West Western Zone of Sylhet Town.
Sylhet Regional Office- Sylhet South Southern Zone of Sylhet Town.
Sylhet Regional Office- Sylhet North Northern Zone of Sylhet Town.


  1. Regional Distribution Department (R.D.D), Sylhet Zone :(Sylhet & Sunamgonj Districts)
Golapgonj Regional Office Golapgonj upo-zilla area.
Fenchugonj Regional Office Fenchugonj upo-zilla areas.
Chhatak Regional Office. Chhatak and Doarabazar upo-zilla area.
Sunamgonj Regional Office. Sunamgonj sadar and adjoining areas.
Beanibazar Regional Office. Beanibazar upo-zilla area.


  1. C) Regional Distribution Department (R.D.D.), Moulvibazar Zone : (Moulvibazar Districts)


Moulvibazar Regional Office Moulvibazar sadar and adjoining areas.
Sreemangal Regional Office Sreemangal, Shamshernagor, Komolgonj upo-zilla area & adjacent Tea-Gardens.
Kulaura Regional Office Kulaura town & adjacent Tea-Gardens, Juri and Borolekha.
SITE Office Baralekha Baralekha upo-zilla area.


  1. D) Regional Distribution Department (R.D.D.), Habigonj : (Habigonj Districts)
Habigonj Regional Office Habigonj town, Shaistagonj, Chunarughat, Mirpur and Bahubol areas.
Shahjibazar Regional Office Shahjibazar & Noapara including adjacent Tea-Gardens.
Nabigonj Regional Office Nabigonj and adjacent area.
SITE office Madhabpur Madhabpur upo-zilla area.


  1. Gas Supply Areas – Jalalabad Gas Franchise Areas (Sylhet Division)
Sylhet District Sylhet Sadar, South Surma, Jaintapur (Horipur), Fenchugonj, Golapgonj and Beanibazar upo-zillas.
Sunamgonj District Sunamgonj. Chhatak & Doarabazar upo-zilla areas.
Moulvibazar District Moulvibazar sadar, Sreemangal, Komolgonj, Kulaura, Borolekha and Juri upo-zilla.
Habigonj District Habigonj sadar, Madhabpur, Nabigonj, Chunarughat and Bahubol Upo-zilla.
19. Own Office Complex & Residential Accommodation :
I) Head office (Gas Bhaban)


: 1.5 Acres of khas land was taken from D.C Sylhet on 11.03.93 as lease for 30 years and a 10 storey office building was constructed in the land. Each floor is 12,500 Sqft. There is a modern Auditorium in the building with seating capacity 470 seats. It runs with central air-condition system.
II) Regional offices : The company has its own regional office complexes at Sunamgonj, Chhatak, Fenchugonj, Moulvibazar, Srimongal, Kulaura, Habigonj, and Shahjibazar.
III) Site office : The company has its own Site office complexes at Madhabpur and Nasratpur.
iv) Residential Accommodation : The company has Residential Building for staff at Sylhet, Chhatak, Srimongal, Habigonj, and Shahjibazar.
20. Training Programme : Considering the importance of training for the development of human resources, officers and employees are trained in the country on different subjects. Foreign training programs are arranged in a limited size due to limitation of found. The company also arranges special meetings and seminars as and when required as a part of the development of the company and career development of its officers and employees as well.
21. Human Relations : The company regularly arrange annual sports, picnic, indoor games and Milad mahfil to develop brotherly relations among the officers and employees and to increase mutual understanding and credibility. Scholarship and Certificates are awarded to the children of the officers and employees on the basis of their examination result.Besides these, the Martyr day, Independence day and the Victory day are also observed with due enthusiasm and solemnity.
22. Environment & Safety : The company has been coordinating with the concerned division of Petrobangla to help & maintain ecological balance and prevent environmental pollution in view of the national commitment. Safety measures are taken during pipeline route selection, pipeline installation, testing, pigging, commissioning, construction of gas station, installation of cathodic protection system etc under Gas Safety Rules. Besides, the company undertakes tree plantation program every year in different office premises of the company following national tree plantation program.