Mission and Vision

1.1 Vission:

Early pioneering role in the development of the country’s fuel as well as gas marketing.

1.2 Mission:

To adapt the company is an efficient, market oriented and consumer service oriented truthful  regulatory organization. To hold continuation of performance development incase of combination of marketing strategy methods and policies and To reach natural gas to company covering areas and people of all kind of socio-economic communities.

1.3 Strategic objectives:

  1. Energy security and gas enrichment.
  2. To ensure efficient use of energy & to develop efficient management to waste prevention and
  1. To develop human resources for the sake of company’s interest.

1.4  Functions:

  1. New policy formulated incase of natural gas on Jalalabad Gas covered areas;
  1. To be implemented Gas Safety Act 1991 (and the next version);
  2. Marketing of natural gas with the co-ordination among administration,planning programming and program oriented management;
  1. Marketing of gas according to both uniform marketing policy 2014 and Gas Act 2010 :
  1. To expand gas transmission and distribution network for delivering of natural  gas at the appropriate consumer level;
  1. To provide gas connections to all types of consumers and collection of Revenue and
  1. Mutual co-ordination among Gas producers, distributors and marketers companies.